What is/was good about the programme?

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Studying in Graz and Brno (both are great cities in my opinion), I was able to choose between a wide range of courses and seminars. While some classes were mandatory, in general I had great freedom in selecting my areas of interest. In retrospect, the stay in Brno in the third semester was great. The bureaucratic hurdles in organizing the stay were relatively low and it was nice to experience a new study environment after a year in Graz. In Brno I met various local and international people who made my stay extraordinarily exciting and productive. Additionally, the possibility to get to know university structures from a different country were highly interesting. As there were only a few people studying the programme in Graz, the personal support and organization of the program in general were very good.  - Marian Paradella

I was extremely satisfied with the Joint Degree idea and the way it worked out for me at Masaryk University. The programme at Masaryk University fulfilled my expectations and created a space for my academic development. In my second semester that I spent there I got the idea for my master's thesis topic. My master's thesis was supervised by a professor at the University of Zadar, we held consultations via Skype calls which was another new experience for me and it resulted in a successful and highest marked thesis. - Lea Kožul

I think the idea that you can choose the focus of studies already quite from the beginning is good (I mean home uni – host uni). I also like the special kind of mobility that exists: because the requirements are the same for all universities, which means you are not likely to face the problems with subject recognition. It is also a wonderful feeling to meet people across different countries, who study the same program. - Oksana Zinchenko

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