What is/was not so good about the programme?

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As I was one of the first students of the Joint Degree in Graz and the programme was still very small (only two of us were left after the first months and we were the first to finish the programme there), there was no real “community” of Joint Degree students. Consequently this also meant that there were no specific courses for the Joint Degree program and I was visiting a mix of classes, such as from Sociology, Global Studies or American studies. As a consequence of this, for example, in Graz we had a mandatory (and extremely hard) exam in Global Studies which was only partly connected to “Cultural Sociology”. This was very frustrating, especially as there were other, more fitting, exams for the same module of the curriculum in other universities of the program. - Marian Paradella

One thing that could have been better planned is financial support for the obligatory semester abroad. I, luckily, was able to win scholarships for two out of three semesters spent at Masaryk University and was lucky enough to have my family financially supporting me during my studies but I believe this is something the Joint Degree Programme should provide. - Lea Kožul

It`s a pity you can study in English only in one university of the consortium (Masaryk). I also think the English-taught courses should be chosen more careful, they should really correspond to the study modules. In addition, students still have to have some options for their choices: there should be a possibility to have electives, which are needed for particular research. - Oksana Zinchenko


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