What is/was the topic of your master's thesis?

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My master's thesis – with the title: Cultural Struggle for Hegemony - Pegida in a Civil Society Perspective – focused on an analysis of the right-wing civil society movement PEGIDA in Germany. Therefore, a mix of cultural-sociological theories (J. C. Alexander & Ernesto Laclau) were applied and various speeches of the demonstrations analyzed. Find out more here: - Marian Paradella 

The topic of my master's thesis was Transnational Involvement of Migrants from Former Yugoslavian Country Living in Brno. During the semesters I spent in Brno I met quite many people from Former Yugoslavia living in Brno for various reasons – studies, work, personal relations etc. I became more interested in knowing about their life in Brno and different connections they still have with their home countries, so I developed my thesis’ topic around this question and had been working on it for the last semester of the Joint Degree Programme and the following summer before the thesis discussion was held in September 2014. - Lea Kožul

So far:  “The representation of intimacy boundaries on the example of contemporary social dancing” - Oksana Zinchenko

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