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The programme focuses on the language and culture of English speaking countries, while promoting intercultural perspectives within a framework of general academic competence in the humanities.

In the course of their studies, students will deepen their competence in the English language and also be given the opportunity to study other languages. Increasingly, a wide variety of professional fields look for candidates with highly developed language skills, a truly transnational cultural perspective and a high level of overall academic competence.

The course content has been developed around three main topics: linguistics, literary studies and cultural studies. For students whose mother tongue is not English or who have not been educated in an English speaking environment, language proficiency is an additional value in the programme.

Compulsory Subjects:

English Linguistics
Literary Studies
Cultural Studies
English Language Proficiency

Restricted Electives:

Choose additional courses from one of the core areas (literature, linguistics, cultural studies) as your specialisation.

Free Electives:

Choose classes to complement the compulsory classes and the restricted electives at any accredited university.

Master's Thesis and Defence:

The Thesis will be based on research related to a subject of your choice.

The complete Curriculum can be found HERE.

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