Fixing the World: Feminist Art and Jewish Identity (Mooc)

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Course description

Term:  First Semester (October 10, 2021 – January 14, 2022)

Lecturer: Dr. Mor Presiado

Type:  Mooc course

Language of instruction: English



From the early 1970s to the present, Jewish women have been at the center of the field of feminist art. The course deals with the intersecting issues of feminist art, women's art and Jewish art, and illuminates the contribution of Jewish artists to the feminist art world, and to the various Jewish societies over the past fifty years.

Students will learn about Women’s Art and Feminist Jewish Art, recognizing basic theories and concepts in the following areas: feminism, gender studies, art and Judaism. Among the topics covered will be the centrality of American feminist Jewish artists in the Feminist art scene of the 1970s and 80s and the Jewish context of their works; issues of feminism and gender in Holocaust-related art; women's art that deals with the intersection between the Jewish-ethnic body and gender; social activism and institutional criticism in the world of feminist Jewish art; the importance and contribution of art to religious feminism and a discussion of religious issues that arise in the works of feminist artists: ritual immersion, religious laws governing menstruation, and family purity. As well as the gender contexts of immigration and nation-state issues in Israel.



In this course, we will examine the life and works of Jewish women artists in the context of feminist and gender theories and recent research on art and Judaism; we will also learn how to study works of art within the context of the social, cultural and religious settings in which they were created. We will sharpen our understanding of the contribution art has made to exposing the experiences, stories and perspectives of women who have been excluded from Jewish history and from the art world throughout the generations. Another emphasis will be on the diverse ways in which art intervenes in social reality in order to contribute to its improvement.



Teaching and Learning Method:

The classes take place online on the “Campus” website portal. It incorporates:

•             Recorded lectures in Hebrew with English subtitles which include art, video clips, and film

•             Interactive exercises

•             Links to articles, fragmentary texts, online videos and websites

•             Student Forums which the instructors participate in


Time:   the course will be open through the entire semester (registered students will receive detailed instructions prior to the beginning of the course)

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