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In Memoriam: Simon Edwards

In Memoriam: Simon Edwards (May 6, 1946 - April 24, 2020)

It is with great sadness that we announce that Simon Edwards, one of the founders of the Joint Programme in English and American Studies, has passed away.

When we started the challenging project of developing a Joint Degree programme in 2003 with several universities, prof. Edwards was a valued member of our core team. Since the beginning, he shaped the programme not only by contributing to the curriculum but also by giving us his wholehearted commitment and passion. He also became an important member of the teaching staff at the summer school in Seggauberg, where he inspired students in his seminars. We will always be grateful to prof. Edwards for everything he has done for our programme. Thank you for touching so many lives.

Dear prof. Edwards, dear Simon, our teacher and colleague, you will be greatly missed and we will always cherish our time spent with you. RIP

Roberta Maierhofer, Nancy Campbell, Jennifer Schumm Fauster, Vanja Novak, Ulrike Krawagna on behalf of the team of the JP in English and American Studies (Graz, May 4th, 2020)

Simon Edwards was Principal Lecturer in English at Roehampton University, London. He was also a visiting lecturer at universities throughout Europe, as well as in China, Japan, and  the USA. His main research interests were in English and American fiction of the nineteenth century, in particular the dissemination of the historical novel. He published on the work of Scott, Fenimore Cooper, Dickens and the poetry of John Dryden. He also taught courses on contemporary British writing. With his experience of working in universities in Albania, Bulgaria and Romania he was also contributing to international research projects on the development of teaching English literature in South-Eastern Europe.

Obituary of the Center for Inter-American Studies  
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Obituary of the University of Bamberg


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