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Selection & Admission Process

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The selection and admission process for the International Joint Master Programm in Sustainable Development ist a 2-step procedure!

1) Selection process: You have to fulfill the required criteria and have to reach a sufficient place in the selection committee’s ranking. Steps in the selection process include:

  • Eligibility check
  • Quality check
  • Ranking of applicants taking into account the selection criteria
  • Meeting of selection committee: Allocation of candidates to entrance universities and spezialisation tracks (based on preferences, but depending on seats and candidate qualification)
  • Notification of applicants about selection results and general information about admission process (Expected date: April 23)

2) Admission process: When you have received a positive result you will then be contacted by the contact persons from your entrance university, who will provide information about the individual admission process.

  • ! Please note that this offer of a place on the Joint Master’s Programme is contingent on your fulfilling of the requirements for admission to your entrance university.
  • ! Please note that at this point you will have to provide original and/or certified documents!


NOTE: Applications to Leipzig University as entrance university

Professional experience of usually at least one year is required for admission (INFO)


NOTE: Applications to Utrecht University as entrance university:

Students that choose Utrecht University as their home university, will also have to fulfill the admission criteria of Utrecht University, programme Sustainable Development.

More info:

Applicants to the Joint Master’s programme in Sustainable Development do not need to send in all the documents again to Utrecht University. Additional tests may be set as a condition to acceptance, e.g. in basic mathematics, natural processes or sustainability issues. Please note that students starting at Utrecht University are enrolled in one of three tracks: Energy & Materials, Environmental Change & Ecosystems or Earth System Governance, depending on their background. Courses in the 1st semester are connected to these tracks.

NOTE: Applications to Hiroshima University as entrance university

If you want to choose Hiroshima University as your entrance university, please check out the special requirements HERE

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