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The universities in the consortium, University of Graz, Ca' Foscari University Venice, Leipzig University, Utrecht University, Basel University, and Hiroshima University work together to guarantee a high quality international curriculum with regional aspects

You can choose four universities of the consortium (Graz University, Ca' Foscari University Venice, Leipzig University, Utrecht University) as your entrance university and enroll there as a joint degree student.

Basel University and Hiroshima University are mobility partners in the programme. You can choose to spend your compulsory mobility semester in Basel or Hiroshima but you cannot enroll there as your entrance university.

However, you can spend your mobility semester at any of the six partner universities (excluding your entrance university)!

Stellenbosch University and TERI University joined the consortium in the academic year 2013/14. You can spend an additional study period in South Africa or India in the third or fourth semester. Once admitted to the Joint Degree programme you may apply for this additional mobility during your first semester at the relevant entrance University.

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