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Selection to the CIRCLE programme and admission at the respective host universities are two separate steps. In this section, the selection to the programme is described. For information on admission to the individual universities see the section on admission.

How does student selection work?

Your submitted application will be thoroughly reviewed. First the formal aspects will be checked (required documents, documents in English etc.) and then the eligibility requirements will be reviewed. If applications are found to be incomplete and/or non-eligible, the candidates will be informed about this per email.

Eligible applications are then evaluated and ranked by the CIRCLE Admission Committee according to the following selection criteria and point system:

  • Grade of your Bachelor study: 0 (not satisfying) to 3 (very good)
  • Motivation letter: 0 (not satisfying) to 3 (very good)
  • Recommendation letters: 0 (not satisfying) or 1 (satisfying)
  • Additional information, e.g. relevant research/work experience: 0 (not satisfying) to 2 (good)

Candidates with the most points will be put on the main list for scholarships. For each intake, up to 16 students will receive the scholarship. Please note, that according to the Erasmus Mundus regulations, maximal three students per country (i.e. with the same nationality/citizenship) can be awarded a scholarship.

The candidates who do not make it on the main list for scholarships, will be put on the reserve list. The very best candidates on the reserve list will be given the opportunity to participate in the CIRCLE programme as self-paying students.

IMPORTANT: The final approval of all selected CIRCLE students and scholarship holders will be done by the European Commission (EC) in April/May.


What happens then?

Applicants will be informed about the selection results via email.

Once the EC have confirmed the selection results, the selected students will be contacted by the coordinating university providing them with further instructions. The selected students will receive a nomination letter including the mobility path and the details of the scholarship as well as an acceptance letter which the selected students will have to sign. By doing this, they confirm their acceptance of the scholarship guidelines and pledge to take all the necessary measures to start and complete the mobility successfully and in accordance with all the stipulated administrative and academic requirements. The next step is admission to the individual universities where the selected students start their studies.



The CIRCLE consortium guarantees an absence of any conflict of interest as well as transparency and equal treatment for all applicants. Thus, any objection related to the selection results can be filed at and will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

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Joint Programme Team

Phone:+43 316 380 - 1217 or 1240

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