Joint International Master in Cultural Sociology

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The programme offers the excellent opportunity to combine a high level university education with a unique experience in and of different social, cultural and academic environments in the heart of Europe. The character of the joint degree makes it possible for students to design their study according to their specific interests as well as to remain flexible once on their way to the degree.

The universities involved belong among the leading academic institutions in their countries, and each of them offers a specific expertise in variety of fields.

At the same time, the joint perspective of cultural sociology provides an in-depth understanding of the manifold challenges faced by the contemporary world, be it migration, education, urban development, sport management, art industry, social inequality, (social) media impact, etc.

This, along with the thorough general analytical training stands for a substantial advantage, whether the students, after finishing the program, decide to enter the ever changing labor market, or continue their university and research careers at higher levels.

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