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Online Application

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In order to successfully complete the online application, please follow the steps below:

Please register online:

Until the deadline you can come back and work on your application anytime.

The application consists of:

  • Entering main data (including your profile picture)
  • Providing information about your profile
  • Stating your language skills
  • Stating that you have enough financial ressources (no documents needed)
  • Indicating if you apply for the "regular" Joint Master Programme and/or the Joint Degree option with Hiroshima University
  • Ranking the entrance universities and specialisation tracks according to your preferences (Note: You cannot spend your specialisation track at your chosen entrance university, however you can indicate the specialsiation track of your 1st choice entrance university in case you will be allocated to your second choice and vice versa.)
  • Entering your motivation statement
  • Uploading your documents (Note: all documents have to be either in English language or with an English translation.)

Submit your application by clicking on "Finish application". Once you click on the “Finish application” button, you will have no further access to your application and absolutely no changes will be possible anymore. So please make sure to carefully review your application and save relevant information before hitting the submit button "Finish application". 

 Contact for further questions: jointdegrees(at)

Note: If you have any questions, please consult the website and FAQs first and only send an email in case you cannot find the answer online. Due to a high number of emails during the application period, answers may take some time!

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