Hiroshima University, Japan

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  • Founded in 1949
  • 16.500 students
  • 3.200 staff

Hiroshima University is one of the leading national universities in Japan. Located in the beautiful country near the Hiroshima city, the university offers the opportunity for study over a wide range of subjects in eleven Schools and eleven Graduate Schools. Hiroshima University offers a mobility program at the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC).

IDEC was founded with the aim of educating the students to become specialists with the expertise who are capable of making comprehensive judgements toward more desirable development and international cooperation in a developing country in consideration of its own cultural and environmental background. IDEC conducts interdisciplinary research and education beyond the frameworks formed by conventional academic areas. IDEC's population is made up of about 40 other (mostly Asian) countries. Non-Japanese students comprise more than 70 percent of the overall student population, providing a broadly-based international environment. In this rich environment, students with diverse backgrounds and academic interests are studying each other's cultures and conducting cooperative research.

IDEC accepts International Joint Master's Programme students mainly in the Development Technology Course. The course conduct research and education activities, from an international perspective, related to a variety of technologies that can facilitate sustainable development, based upon the knowledge of the local environment of a particular country. More specifically, the focus is set on developing countries, primarily in Asia, includes the following areas: disaster prevention, urban/regional and transportation planning, marine development and usage, development of environmental monitoring methodology, ecosystem conservation and management, and biological resource development and usage.

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Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

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