Master Thesis Module

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The master theses module comprises 30 ECTS. The thesis reflects the student’s capacity for independent study and research and should be written in English. The thesis must include a short summary both in English and in the local language of the entrance institution per the respective regulations governing the partner institutions.


The importance of a master’s thesis

The master’s thesis plays a central role in the master’s programme. It is the most important part of the master’s study. It is the proof of the student’s mastery and academic development to a sufficient level. The thesis certifies that the graduates are qualified. It also guarantees that the final attainment levels of the master’s have been met.

The master’s thesis provides essential training. It involves a large number of academic activities: formulating a research objective and a research question after surveying the literature; sorting, interpreting, and synthesizing information; collecting/analyzing measurements/observations; and presenting verbal/written reports on the findings.


Thesis supervision and second reader

Master thesis projects in the Joint Master in Sustainable Development are being supervised by a main supervisor from the student’s entrance university. In addition to the main supervisor, there is also a second reader. The second reader needs to be affiliated with one of the partner universities (including non-degree-awarding universities) and hold a relevant doctoral degree. The common practice is that students nominate a second reader from their mobility university, i.e. the university at which he/she completed the specialization track. When no second reader is available at the mobility university, staff at other universities may be approached after consulting the academic coordinator at the entrance university. The additional assessment provided by this second reader serves as a quality assurance measure within the consortium.

Details on the role of the second reader (PDF File)


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