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Karbon Biru Project shortlisted for WWF INNO Student Challenge 2022

CIRCLE students are among the 8 finalists for innovative solutions to conservation problems selected by an internal WWF jury.

The second edition of the WWF-NL INNO Student Challenge encourages students to present innovative solutions for nature conversation problems. The finalists will pitch their projects next month at the WWF. The three best projects will receive 10,000€ each and professional coaching sessions. 

The founders, Yulia Ratnasari, with Pedro Patrique Ferreira da Silva, Irlanda Mora Espinosa, and Nasira Ahsan, who are studying circular economy in the frame of the Erasmus Mundus Joint International Master's Programme in Circular Economy (CIRCLE), are concerned about the disturbed nutrient and biogeochemical cycle. They want to find innovate ways to close the loop and induce regenerative economy via functional diversity.
Karbon Biru is a mangrove and wetlands carbon sequestration project that goes beyond the conventional ‘pay to plant a tree’ model. These are the main facts:

  1. blue forests sequester more than ten times carbon compared to green forests: as a long-term biological carbon capture and storage; and as a pragmatic, efficient carbon emission offset for companies and individuals;
  2. wastewater treatment and brackish pond bioremediation;
  3. coupled with silvofishery and P2P model: economic benefit generated from mangrove to the society;
  4. wildlife and functional diversity of mangrove habitat.

The Karbon Biru project will first be implemented in Indonesia and later expanded to Brazil, Mexico, and Pakistan - and they will not stop until 10,000,000 mangroves are planted.

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