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Career & Networks

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The Joint International Master in Sustainable Development trains highly qualified specialists whose multidisciplinary skills enable them to prevent, diagnose and solve environmental challenges.

As a graduate of this Joint International Master, you may pursue further studies or take up responsible positions in project and facility management. You can work in a variety of professional fields: Business management, consulting, environmental entrepreneurship, environment, health and safety, quality management, regional and urban planning, innovation management, international organisations, scientific research, training and (continuing) education.

You are a prospective student and wondering what career path the alumni of our Master’s programme have taken? Read through the various successful paths of our alumni.

Networking is key!

If you are interested in exchanging ideas and news with your fellow students and alumni of the Joint International Master in Sustainable Development, the following links might be of interest to you:

  • Sustainers Magazine: an interesting and useful blog from our current students
  • Sustainers Unite!: is a (closed) Facebook group of international students of sustainability, created by Leipzig
  • Sustainers Graz Facebook Group / Sustainers Graz Facebook Site: This group is for every SD-student who was in Graz, is currently studying there or will study in Graz - and for everyone who is interested in sustainable development. Among other useful things, the group organises regular meetings (Stammtisch).
  • Storm (Studentenorganisatie Milieuwetenschappen): created by Utrecht, is not limited to the Joint International Master in Sustainable Development, but is a website for the entire Sustainable Development study programme (in Dutch): Storm is the Study Association for Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Global Sustainability Science and the Masters Sustainable Development and Water Science and Management. Storm offers students the opportunity to develop both socially and educationally. Throughout the year they organise numerous lectures, debates, themed parties, and sport activities. In addition, they try to support students in their career choices by organising workshops and in-house days.
  • Student Association for Sustainability (SAS): The Students Association for Sustainability (SAS) is a group of motivated students from Graz who are interested in and committed to sustainability and environmental issues. Events are held, but also meetings are organised to create, share ideas, exchange opinions, discuss and start projects as well as networking (also across all fields of study). Scheduled events are shared via the following Facebook page: - or can also be found in the calendar of events of "Nachhaltig in Graz". Everyone is welcome to join the group, no matter if and what you study or "how far you are". Contact requests please also via the Facebook page.
  • Further sustainability initiatives by students at the University of GrazStudierendeninitativen - Nachhaltige Universität Graz ( (only in German)


If you have information that should be shared on this page, please contact jointdegrees(at) 

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