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How to apply

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1. Please read the Admission Criteria section as well as the Call for Applications carefully to find out if you are eligible for the programme.

2. Choose your entrance university.

3. Choose your focus area.

4. Collect all documents that need to be uploaded in the online application (as PDF)   

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Copy of passport (ID page with photograph)
  • Language certificate
  •  at least one signed Letter of Recommendation (at least one of which from a staff member your bachelor/degree programme)
  •  Motivation statement (you have to insert your statement into the application directly but  it is recommended to type it in advance)                                      
  •  University diploma/Bachelor certificate
  • Transcript of Records (if provided by your university)
  •  Diploma Supplement (if applicable)

5. Apply online! 

        To apply click here:

It is possible to start the application and login as often as needed until the deadline!


In order to successfully complete the online application, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 consists of:

  • Main data (plus profile picture)
  • Profile
  • Language skills
  • Motivation statement

This step is then confirmed with the “Finish Data Entry” button. After clicking on this button, no further changes to this section will be possible.

Step 2 consists of:

  • uploading your documents

Note: all documents have to be either in the English language or with an English translation!

Submit your application by clicking on "Finish application". Once you click on the “Finish application” button you will have no further access to your application and absolutely no changes will be possible anymore. So please make sure to carefully review your application before hitting the submit button "Finish application".


For further questions concerning the online application, please contact



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