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University of Belgrade, Serbia - Faculty of Political Science

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Why Southeast European Studies in Belgrade?

You will be studying Southeastern Europe in its very centre. In this way, you will be able not only to better understand your chosen field of interest, but also to learn one or more languages of the region. Secondly, you will profit from learning in a group of outstanding FPS and foreign professors with excellent academic records and long-time expertise in Southeastern Europe. Student groups usually consists of the people from the region but also from other parts of the world. You will be able to share an exciting social life in Belgrade with them. Check some impressions of our previous generation of students:

During two semesters in Belgrade you will also be able to get involved in the work of the FPS Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies on the Balkans (CisBalk). As an extension of the Master Program and a focus point of cooperation of Serbian and international experts dealing with Southeastern Europe, the Centre offers ample possibilities for engagement in research projects, workshops and numerous public events it organizes.

For over 40 years the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences has been a leading institution of higher education and a modern and open school of democracy and democratical political culture. It has repeatedly proved capable of raising the quality of contemporary political debates and of shaping major political developments in our region and its international environment. It was established in 1968 as the first school in this field in the former Yugoslavia.

The Faculty focuses on education and research in the fields of political science, international relations, journalism and communication studies, and social policy and social work. There are over 90 full-time academics, while distinguished foreign and domestic experts regularly visit the school.

Since its foundation, more than 8,100 students have graduated from the Faculty, 975 have completed MA programmes and 464 have defended their PhD theses.

Today the Faculty is a well-known teaching and research centre which takes part in short- and long-term projects with leading regional and international academic institutions. It also publishes various materials in the area of expertise of its academic staff.

Nearly 3,500 students are now enrolled in the Faculty’s programmes in which students are encouraged to approach political phenomena from interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives. Lectures, classes, seminars and workshops, as well as practical training and interships in specialized fields are conducted in line with the standards of the Bologna Declaration and of European higher education. The Faculty offers undergraduate, MA and PhD programmes, as well as advanced professional development programmes.

University of Belgrade Website

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