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The programme focuses on the language and culture of English-speaking countries, while promoting intercultural perspectives within a framework of general academic competence in the humanities.

The course content has been developed around three main topics: linguistics, literary studies and cultural studies. The programme is also an excellent opportunity to hone your English skills and to learn the local language of your entrance and mobility universities.

Literary Studies The coursework in literary studies deals with texts from the whole of the English-speaking world. The focus is mainly on British and American literature, but other literatures in the English language will also be examined, taking regional and cultural studies of the respective countries into consideration.


Cultural Studies

This area will explore the culture, society, institutions and history of English-speaking countries as these inform the development of linguistic and literary practices. Classes in cultural studies address recognition, analysis and evaluation of the target culture(s) by reflecting on one's own cultural context. Further, aspects of cultural theory and methodology will be examined. Education and training in cultural studies deals with essential cultural, social, and historical characteristics of English-speaking countries. The focus is mainly on Britain and the US but does not exclude specific cultural developments in other English language countries.

English Linguistics

The coursework in linguistics has as its objective the consolidated understanding of the development and structure of the English language. Linguistics is understood as being both theory and application oriented, and, furthermore, takes aspects of cultural studies in the English-speaking world into consideration.
English Language Proficiency An additional value of the program is its emphasis on English language proficiency. The main objective of the practical language training is to increase the student's level of competence to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.

The complete Curriculum can be found HERE.



Course Types

Compulsory Subjects In the scope of the compulsory subjects, you will learn about linguistics, literature, culture and you will be able to perfect your English.
Restricted Electives As your restricted elective courses, you will be able to choose additional courses from one of the specialization field you are interested in most: literature, linguistics or cultural studies.
Free Electives Free electives are classes that complement the compulsory classes and the restricted electives. You may also use them for complementary language courses.
Master's Thesis The Master's thesis is based on research related to a subject of your choice.


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