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Selection & Admission

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The selection and admission procedure for the Joint International Master in Sustainable Development is a two-stage process!

Selection Criteria / Selection

The consortium is aware of the effort and time all applicants will have invested in completing the application. However, please note that it is a very highly competitive application and selection process. For the verification, evaluation and selection of the submitted applications, the Committee will follow the selection criteria as laid down by the consortium:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent programme
  • Previous academic performance (GPA or average mark)
  • Academic background
  • Motivation statement
  • Letters of recommendation

Applicants must meet the required selection criteria and achieve a sufficient ranking in the selection committee’s ranking list. The selection process includes the following steps:


If you have received a positive result, you will be contacted by the contact persons of your entrance university who will provide you with information about the individual admission process.

  • Please note that the offer of a place on the Joint Master’s Programme is contingent on you meeting the admission requirements at your entrance university!
  • Please note that you must submit original and/or certified documents at this time!

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