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In semester 2 and semester 3 of your studies you will have the opportunity to choose modules according to your interest and specialization:

Modules Brno:

Time and Change


Description: The study of time and change can be approached through examining a number of processes, such as collective memory, narratives, and identities, and the social shifts these phenomena bring about. The analytical lens of boundaries and boundary work offer a conceptual framework not only for the study of migrants and refugees but also any processes of delineating "us" and "them" or "sacred" and "profane".
Modules Graz:

Fictions and Realities: Arts and Literature

Description: Fictions and Realities focuses on cultural practices and institutions like literature, art, music, theatre, film, new media as well as forms of material culture (e.g. technique, architecture). These phenomena are analyzed in regard to their social embedding and shaping as well as in regard to their relationship to political/social utopias.

Global Cultures

Description: Global Cultures focuses on the complex relationship between processes of globalization and socio-cultural phenomena. Pertinent topics include migration, values, knowledge, religion and politics.

Modules Trento:

Culture and Communication

Description: Together with the basis of social and cultural theory, Culture and Communication focuses on sociological approaches to communication, language, science and society. It covers the areas of discourse analysis, social interaction, public understanding of science, and the communication of science. This module develops the theory and methods for the empirical study of contemporary cultural and communication phenomena.  

Space and Culture

Description: Together with the basis of social and cultural theory, Space and Culture tackles major concepts, theories and issues in contemporary social theory concerning sociospatial phenomena, the study of urban cultures, and the theoretical and empirical cultural dimension of migration studies. Its aim is to develop research skills in ethnographic settings and connect them back to the urban study scholarship.

Modules Zadar:

Cultural Theories and Methods

Culture and Identities

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