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The mission of the Joint Master Programme in Southeast European Studies is to provide an international and interdisciplinary master programme in social sciences and humanities of highest quality, which enables participants to effectively understand the interrelationship between history, law, politics, economics and culture with strong emphasis on the region of Southeastern Europe.

While Belgrade is running the joint interdisciplinary programme, in Graz the programme offers two focus areas, one in Southeast European History and one in Law and Politics in Southeastern Europe. In both versions, the programme promotes the capacity for academic analysis, especially by applying an inter- and transdisciplinary approach which includes areas of legal, political, economic and cultural studies.

In the first year, core courses include introduction to multidisciplinary approaches, seminars in political science and law, history, economics and cultural studies in Southeast Europe. The programme aims at strengthening and understanding the role of gender in academia, society and politics.

All compulsory courses are offered in English, but students are able to take classes in other languages. Language acquisition is an important key aspect of the joint degree and students are encouraged to take courses in a regional language and/or the predominant language of their mobility institution.

Thus, students benefit from a highly internationally oriented programme with a mandatory mobility period included.

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