Academic Degree & Career Prospects

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Students completing the Joint Master’s Programme in Southeast European Studies will have the following degree:

Austria:  Master of Arts (MA)

Serbia:   master politikolog (mast. politik.) (Master of Arts in Political Science)

Students of the law and politics track who applied for a mobility at the University of Ljubljana and who followed the double degree track, will get – after successful completion of the programme – a double degree:

Austria:   Master of Arts (MA)

Slovenia: magister (male grammatical form) or magistrica (female grammatical form) mednarodnih odnosov (mag. medn. odn.)


Professional fields

Professional fields for which competences are developed are strongly determined by the specialisation chosen by the student, definitely including the academic, private, public, and semi-public sector, with a special focus on the integration of knowledge and policy making in the field of SEE regional management. Occupational fields for graduates are:

  • National, regional and local governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • International organizations
  • Training and (continuing) education
  • Journalism
  • Business sector
  • Scientific research
  • Consultancy
  • Academia
  • Librarianship and archive studies
  • Relevant media relations

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