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Circular Economy (CE) is an emerging interdisciplinary field combining natural, technical and social sciences in a system's view at scale levels from the global to the local. CE with its systemic view and multidisciplinary approach offers a valuable framework for higher education, therefore the CIRCLE programme intends to enable its students to identify solutions in order to cope with overarching technical, economic, environmental and societal problems, which the globe is facing. 

The objective of the "International Master's Programme on Circular Economy" is to offer an international and interdisciplinary master's programme at the highest level, which allows the participants to make an essential contribution to understanding and proposing solutions to problems in order to support the transition towards a more sustainable society.

The "International Master's Programme on Circular Economy" takes a leading role as an interdisciplinary study programme at the highest level with an international direction.

The "International Master's Programme on Circular Economy" is a two-years programme with 120 ECTS, offering a unique CE education. In the frame of the master programme, students will receive a Double Degree upon succesful completion of the proramme. 

The main aims and objectives of the International Master's Programme on Circular Economy are the following ones:

  • To bring together and to bundle the existing expertise in education in the field of CE, European wide and beyond, which fosters internationalisation and excellence in higher education institutions (HEIs)
  • To train students to contribute to environmentally sustainable economic growth by their capability
    (i) to analyse the complex problems related to sustainable development, 
    (ii) to design (technological and social) solutions for these complex problems, and
    (iii) to develop implementation strategies for such solutions
  • To enhance the attractiveness and quality of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) by offering a unique international master programme in CE to the best students inside and outside the EU
  • To improve the level of competences and skills of the CIRCLE students, increasing their employability.

Therefore, the "International Master's Programme on Circular Economy" is in the heart of the EU needs of the "Europe 2020 strategy" and the "Circular Economy Package", because due to the current sustainability problems and imminent EU and global transitions in material and energy systems there is a great need for Circular Economy trained persons that have a grasp of the complexities of the field of sustainable development.

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