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The selected students start their studies at their host university 1 where they spend their first year. During the second year, the students must complete the obligatory mobility. This means that they have to leave the host university 1 and move to the host university 2. The host university 2 is one of the European partner universities which must be different than the host university 1.

Apart from this obligatory mobility, the CIRCLE students can complete an additional mobility. In terms of the additional mobility, the students can apply for one of the non-European associated partner universities: Curtin University in Perth (Australia), at Waseda University in Tokyo (Japan) or at Tsinghua University in Beijing (China; only possible in the fourth semester). The associated university that the students can apply for depends on their host university 2:

Host university 2     Activity + Associated Partner
Chalmers University of Technology                      
Delft University of Technology / Leiden University

Research stay

(Curtin University, Tsinghua University, Waseda University)

University of Graz
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Courses (Waseda University) OR

Research stay (Curtin University, Tsinghua University, Waseda University)

Application for the additional mobility


The application for the additional mobility with our non-European associated partners is only possible once the students have already been admitted to the programme. The application will open in mid-December and will be open until mid-February. The CIRCLE students who wish to apply for an additional mobility can send an application email to emcircle(at) including the following documents:

  • Motivation statement
  • Transcript of records for the 1st semester in the CIRCLE programme
  • Study/research plan

The Admission Committee then reviews the applications and decides which students will be given the opportunity to go on an additional mobility. The students selected by the Admission Committee must then be approved by the associated partners. Per CIRCLE intake, only three additional mobilities are available (each one at Curtin University, Waseda University and Tsinghua University).

NOTE: The students from Partner countries can only spend up to three months in any Partner country according to the Erasmus Mundus regulations.

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Joint Programme Team

Phone:+43 316 380 - 1217 or 1240

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