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1st sem.   30 ECTS
  Basic Knowledge: Circular Economy tools 30 ECTS
2nd sem.   30 ECTS
  Implementation, Management and Design 30 ECTS
3rd sem. Students complete one of the following specialisation modules 30 ECTS
  The Human Dimension of Circular Economy (Graz) 30 ECTS
  Design of Circular Economy (Delf/Leiden) 30 ECTS
  Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable 
Energy Systems in a Circular Economy (Chalmers)
  Modelling the Circular Economy (Trondheim) 30 ECTS
  Economics of Circular Economy (Waseda) 30 ECTS
  Recycling and Remanufacturing for Circular Economy (Perth) 30 ECTS
4th sem.    
  Master's Thesis (& Defense/Exam) 30 ECTS
    120 ECTS

The first semester of the programme is intended to equip you with the necessary knowledge about circular economy and its tools. In the second semester you will delve deeper with topics in implementation, management and design.

You will spend your second year of the programme at a different institution. Depending on the specialization track of the institution, you will build on the basis you have created in your first year. The specializations focus on important aspects of circular economy and are chosen based on the expertise of the respective university. You will conclude this year by writing your Master thesis.

Course Guide

To learn more about the content of the courses offered by the universities in the consortium, take a look at our COURSE GUIDE!

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