University of Pécs, Hungary

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  • Established in 1367
  • 20.000 students
  • 1.600 academic staff

The University of Pécs has an extended partnership with universities world-wide. Bilateral agreements provide the opportunities of mutual visits, short term student, teacher or staff mobility, common research projects.

With its nine faculties (Faculty of Law, Medical School, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Health Sciences, Illyés Gyula Faculty of Education, Faculty of Business and Economics, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts) the university offers a broad range of training and degree programmes that are aimed at training well-qualified experts with a wide intellectual horizon, ranging from higher educational professional training programmes to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programmes. This variety and an additional emphasis on participation in international exchange programmes - the University of Pécs takes part in the leading European mobility programmes (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, Science without Borders) and is a member of the main international organizations - ensure a promising career for its alumni.

University of Pécs

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University of GrazOffice of International Relations

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